Rudy Garrow is a trained counsellor, with 20 plus years’ experience working with couples, families, individuals and businesses. Rudy works confidentially and impartially with all his clients. Rudy’s approach is centred on the here and now and the issues that brought you in. The past does influence and illuminate the present. Couple coaching and therapy focuses on the present, it helps couples better understand one another, find solutions and begin to move forward. Beginning any form of coaching or counselling can be daunting and most people will struggle, to open up to a supportive stranger, no matter how much it will benefit them in the long run. Your partner knows so much about you, he or she has spent so much time with you and knows you so well. This however, is where the real work begins to heal and help re foster deeper intimacy, ensuring more enduring relationships.

The heart of this Celtic knot represents love, friendship, and loyalty. Love, friendship, and loyalty are some of the best family traits you could ask for! This knot also acknowledges Rudy’s Celtic ancestry and the meaning of family connections which bind and at times can hinder us all.




Rudy is a member of the Australian Counselling Association, the Australian Association of Family Therapists, NZSFT, ANZMHA and the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants.